• image1 Every time we embrace, i go to that away place...
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The Inner Space 2016

... From within of her paintings flow the streaks of light. They emanate through clearances in the heavenly curtain, gleam among the trees, reflect in the water. Technically, they radiate from the coloring. The painter renders the colorful tissue of reality without ever describing it. She expresses herself with the help of suggestive stirring forms...

Ela Malka

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"Kurioza" - Lublin, Poland 2016

Anna Daria Merska paints as if she wanted to adorn with her inner beauty the throne of Mother Nature. Her pictures taste like pomegranates, smell like fields of grain, woods and volcanoes. One can see in them the pure fountains and the savage inarticulate force of primal elements when they extract the joy of life out of chaos.

Emil Głuch

Anna’s World 2012

Human being is formed by his traces which he left behind during his life. The traces required to exist grasp and wrap up human being. They gradually unite him to a body suitable for himself.  The trace, which he supposed that he dug himself, are usually work of meetings in life. Intiution plays much more role than knowledge in these meetings.  While human being is going ahead through the intuition, knowledge pranks up, develops, supports and strengthens him. At the same time, this is the process of self acknowledgement and self realization of human being. Production and creativeness are the most important indicators of the process of self acknowledgement....

Ahmet Özel

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The Inner Map 2013 / The Inner Space 2015

... In her paintings, the perpetual changing in the physical world, as well as in the spiritual inner space seems to be of equal importance, according to Mahatma Ghandi's maxim: "Be the change, that you wish to see in the world". So changing, growing, developing, exploring, experimenting, experiencing, creating, loving, living is the art of Ania Daria Merska.

Mario Berdič Codella

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Unsaid by the Following Colors 2009

A painting is a reflection  of an artist’s  soul. If a man is not there any internal changes, and then the canvas, even made the finest technique seems to be cold, devoid of emotion and the elusive qualities that makes the viewer is intrigued by the subject presented. In the paintings of Anna Daria Merskiej not find the form, but its landscapes, abstracts and still lifes evoke subcutaneous puzzling question about the essence of the artist's paintings, provoke additional words of history, that could be hiding behind them...

Veronica Cisłowska-Rylska

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