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Unsaid by the Following Colors 2009

A painting is a reflection  of an artist’s  soul. If a man is not there any internal changes, and then the canvas, even made the finest technique seems to be cold, devoid of emotion and the elusive qualities that makes the viewer is intrigued by the subject presented. In the paintings of Anna Daria Merskiej not find the form, but its landscapes, abstracts and still lifes evoke subcutaneous puzzling question about the essence of the artist's paintings, provoke additional words of history, that could be hiding behind them.
The main theme, recurring in the works of Anna Daria is nature, but not included in a realistic manner, and transformed by the creative imagination. The painter, for example, perfectly captures the mysteriousness of the forest with his majesty, and a hint of anxiety. The bold brush strokes apparent impression storm delicate shots of trees and landscapes. Note the considerable focus on the facture: thickly applied paint, strong brush strokes, thoughtful composition, especially rich, and often experimental selection of color patches.

Snail and vein

Today, the first exhibition of the painter Grójec has already gone through, what's more, she organizes previews fellow artistic peers. But before that happened, Anna Daria Merska long stopped his painting only for himself, did not intend to share their paintings with anyone. This attitude stemmed not far from pride or disbelief in his own abilities. The future of the Faculty of Arts graduate of the Technical University of Radom from the beginning was associated with vein artistic prowess and creative energy of the efficient, allowing to develop in an absolutely freely and without restrictions. It's inspiring lay slumbering in the artist's feeling from the moment of her first attempts at drawing, when he delighted himself painted by Auger and found that the reproduction of reality on paper, it goes well. Slowly developed his skills, continues perfected in the next painting struggles.

The fascination with color

Painter's artistic vision stems from her strong interest in color relativism. Briefly, it is a theory describing the dependence resulting from the compilation of each color, which always contain a certain emotional charge, and they are relative, you can read them in many ways. It is crucial to combine them so that one color to "light" or fade in the background of another, or simply change your tone. Images of Anna Daria Merskiej workshop are varied, as a result of its continuous experiments with the technique of painting. For the artist's most important is the wording of color, never used pure colors straight from the tube. Bright colors reinforces the impression of mystery, understatement meaning that the recipient can be interpreted in many ways. Each painting, depicting a seemingly simple topic: meadow with a huge flower in the foreground, nothing taken out of "Alice in Wonderland 'mountain landscape, the trees could provide a perfect illustration for the story of Amos Oz's" Suddenly, in the depths of the forest "; turbulent abstractions, warm tone, are kinds of "small worlds", which is difficult to clarify the mystery, provoke deeper zastanowień, are a kind of challenge to the recipient.

I look so I feel

Grójecka she rejects the inspiration of other artists. Yes, they are among the artists who fascinated Anna Daria, but more as a personality, the characters suffer from hypersensitivity of the soul. These include Vincent Van Gogh and Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz. Particularly close to the artist's concept of "pure form" pricked by Witkacy, which holds that art should not be locked in any frame; artist for his work trying to "touch the metaphysics of human existence." For painters are important emotions that evoke images. Regarded as less This material, as shown in the canvas, and more intrigued by the way of creating feelings through the use of such interesting light and shadow and color relationships. According to Anna Daria Merskiej piece to be read by the emotions of each individual viewer.

Not just apple

Grójec Earth boasts a number of artists, unfortunately, are often aware of their existence, only a handful of people linked by their common interest, and yet their activities are also a vital part of the overall achievements included in the same region. Anna Daria Merska took the trouble to systematize the knowledge of local artists, dedicating a master's thesis Fri "Some artists connected with the earth Grójec." The young artist believes that the promotion places and people associated with his "little homeland" constituted self-awareness. It is important to not only stress the importance of past history, but also an interest in it to date. Thus, Anna Daria regularly organizes exhibitions of paintings in Grójec Cultural Centre, which are very popular. Especially appreciated the work of local regionalists, such as Kazimierz Kochanski, Remigiusz Matyjas, Andrew Role-Stężycki, Zdzislaw Szeląg, as due to various documents Grojec they retain their uniqueness. Well, this predilection to draw from reality, the beauty of the surrounding beauty affects the harmony of the images of Anna Daria Merskiej. It is true that often the most extraordinary creations of the imagination, lose out to the surrounding nature and the exquisite simplicity.

Veronica Cisłowska-Rylska

2019  AD Merska