• image1 Every time we embrace, i go to that away place...
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The New Fountain 2013 - Albania

Report from Art colony Pogradec 2013 - top-channel.tv Tirana (at 9.10)

The New Horizon 2012 - Macedonia

These images were created during the International Art Colony in Kavadarci. There was a lot of inspiration... amazing landscape of Macedonia, hot climate and the unique atmosphere of the Art Colony and special people, with whom I spent unforgettable moments.

The Touch 2012

... The artist’s new period “The Touch” serial paintings, can be comprehended as sequel of “Inner sun” serial. We come across a mystic and deep world which effects human being in this inner see in which emotions go around naked by freeing from the effect of colour. In the background, a mysterious music accompanied by plastic space, harmony surround  us and absorb us to the world which  the artist created...
Ahmet Özel

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Inner Sun 2011-2012

...The work of arts, which Anna Daria Merska produced with her deep sensibility, present this testimony to us. We see deep eddies in her own world and quiet order with “Inner sun” serial that she has discussed lately. In her works, a sun appearing in the corridor at the end of a meaningful caos welcomes us. That sun warms our inside with its shine and announces us a wise hope, and bliss...
Ahmet Özel

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Landscapes of the imagination 2010

... We observe the traces of original colour concept at  Anna’s prime works and  her interpretations of landscapes,  flowers and trees dedicated to nature. Colour fields including contrast and sensitive dye layer are precursor of next periods. The nature is the source of inspiration of the artist. Emotion gradually refined via entities of nature emerges on the surface of painting and by producing its own oxygen it take the observer in its own deep aura in which pure, meaningful colours are embellished, spirit and hope enliven.
Ahmet Özel

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