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03 - 10.05.2014 ART/X/TOYAMA in Uozu

ART/X/TOYAMA Contemporary Art Exhibit held in 1993, 94, 97, 2002, 2006 and 2010 the exhibit's activities have gained notice and fame not only in Japan, but also overseas (Korea, France, Germany, Turkey, Russia, UK etc...) for it's passion, and direction. As artists passion and expectations have grown, the ART/X/TOYAMA held in May 2014 in the city of Uozu again.

07.06. - 12.06.2013 Euro Kosova Art, Harilaq, Kosovo

Art Colony “EURO-KOSOVA ART” promotes cultural and historical values and creative potential of artists from Kosovo and the world. This art event aims to sensitize the general public on a very important archeological complex of our cultural heritage. Archaeological results about Harilaq Castle were presented at the International Conference on Illyria in Grenoble, France, 11 October 2008. This archaeological complex is under the patronage of the President of Kosovo.
'EURO-KOSOVA ART' was organized in a professional manner and it has already awakened great interest of artists from many countries around the world. This year the Project was supported by the Municipality of Kosovo Polje (Fushë Kosovë) and other state in Kosovo.
- Project holder of this Colony is NGO 'Exarte' Prishtina, the leader Metis.
- The Colony has a creative, affirmative and sociable character
- 'Exarte' provide the participants accommodation costs, food, art material and other costs during visits tourist
- At the end of the Colony there was organized exhibition 'EURO - KOSOVA ART then given Certificate and Promotional Acknowledgements

28.05. - 30.06.2013 II Istanbul Triellane

 The Second International Istanbul Triennial held first by the Association of Independent Art when Istanbul was the European Capital of Culture in 2010, such concepts as miscommunication, isolation, alienation, deindividuation were focused under the heading of « Secret Language of the City” will take place between 28 May to 30 June 2013....

Taksim Republic Art Gallery will be used as an exhibition space for International Istanbul Triennial whose title «7 Valleys, 60 Wing Shadow». Mankind to himself and his journeys into the universe are aimed to be discussing between the theme of ‹search and discovery›. Works of such disciplines as painting, sculpture, installation, video art, performance and photography will be presented in «7 Valleys, 60 Wing Shadow» . Event name is related with Simorgh’s story which has a narrative that is Attar’s famous «Bird Language», thirty-bird passing in the pursuit of truth, through the valley of the backers of the seven strains and arrive in the range of thirty birds, understand that the truth is composed of their realities.
It is the journey time who aspires to go guided by Simorgh under the shadow of the 60 wings and pass through the 7 valley...

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22.11. - 05.12.2012 'Encounters 5 / Lefkosa' Exhibition in North Cyprus

The most important role given to individuals in “Encounters” is the state of being willing to share. Mankind owes his formation and progress during his evolvement to encounters.  Singular energies multiplying each other and carrying themselves individualistically and socially forward is a result of the magical relationship and of the communication created by encounters. Roads walked along or separations after encounters, the energy seeds of encounters remain always hidden inside of us. Encounters are the detonator of the state of being big, of attaining or reaching happiness.
Encounters are the source of the energy of life.
Ahmet Özel

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17 - 25.11.2012 "Horizon" Polish Young Artists Exhibition

Mankind devotes his existence to find the new, search for the future and reach his heaven he believes to exist during the limited time that has been lend to him. His inner feeding and his ability to feel himself as part of the universe depends totally on new encounters and on the gain of these new encounters. Every encounter opens new horizons. Every surpassed mountain, every conquered fortress are observation towers presented as gifts to next generations. The trace he leaves is a path for next comers. His endeavour, relationships and creations are the reason for this pursuit.  His search for secular heaven enriches the generation of his body and soul and transforms him. Maybe the one who is able to get closest to his inner heaven is the artist. His creations enable him to make an analogy with his own existence. He feels himself closer than anyone to the gates of happiness opened as a result of his creativity.

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22.03. - 15.04.2012 "Meeting on the Line"

“Humankind is like a ship departed from the shore, with no harbours and anchors-just an endless rough ocean under the deceptive sky, deprived of  the  immovable  truth”. (Witold Gombrowicz)   
The soul of the artist is a sensitive chord. The surrounding world, the whole nature, life itself provoke his senses and thus is created the art work.
The contemporary art during the last years feels uneasy. An unidentified “Object” on a background of lonely runners called artists. Artists, whose call for survival determines their creative course. Thereabouts on the road under the sweltering heat and the deep shadows of the south, three energies coming from different directions discovered each other and started vibrating at one frequency. A frequency joining them to a common beginning. The closeness made us perfect. We all acted together. Divine equilibrium created by powerful emotional presence.
A harmony of ideas converted into a line. A line which provokes the quest for new standpoints in art. Boundless throbbing fields which have discovered their refuge.
Again together.

Delia Chausheva - curator of the exhibition

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27.12.2011 - 17.01.2012 "Boundless" modern international exhibition of art

Rh+artgallery, with participation of 13 artists from 9 countries hosts a modern international exhibition of art.
4 artists from Turkey accompanies the exhibition. Artists from Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Poland, Cyprus, Sudan and Egypt participate with their large scale works.
Ahmet Özel is the curator of the SINIRSIZ/BOUNDLESS exhibition whose opening was take place on 27/12/2011. Ahmet Özel states his contemplations about the exhibition’s concept in this way:
“This new era of sharing when the hegemonic ,out of date and boundless impositions lost their meanings,there is a broader horizon in front of the artist in terms of creation. Visual meta products which become superficial with market concerns and are produced with ready meaning patterns with process, don’t have the chance of being the role of the real any longer.Artists have already announced their visibilities.”
To the exhibition which was stay open until the date 15 January 2012, Delia Chausheva, Feridun Işıman, Reem Hassan, Mirjana Krsteva Massetti, Toni Shulajovsky, Anna Daria Merska, Alexander Belugin, Mutaz M. Elemam, Gherlan Cornelia, Barış Göktürk, Ahmet Özel, Neslihan Özgenç and H.Avni Öztopçu are participating.

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