• image1 Every time we embrace, i go to that away place...
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17 - 25.11.2012 "Horizon" Polish Young Artists Exhibition

Every meeting or confrontation around the world leads to new horizons. Development is inevitable and its effects cannot be concealed, such as those that are going to be presented at the Exhibition of Young Polish Artists "HORIZON" at the Art Fair in Istanbul. It will be held 17-25 November 2012. Anna Daria Merska, Gossia Zielaskowska, Paulina Czerniawska and Piotr Szwabe vel Pisz aregoing to present the results of their creative explorations. Ahmet Ozel will be the curator of the exhibition. The exhibition was organized with support from Cultural Center Karsi from Istanbul and TUYAP Exhibition Group, partnered with the Gallery Fibak and the Culture Centre in Grójec.


Journey of Horizon

Mankind devotes his existence to find the new, search for the future and reach his heaven he believes to exist during the limited time that has been lend to him. His inner feeding and his ability to feel himself as part of the universe depends totally on new encounters and on the gain of these new encounters. Every encounter opens new horizons. Every surpassed mountain, every conquered fortress are observation towers presented as gifts to next generations. The trace he leaves is a path for next comers. His endeavour, relationships and creations are the reason for this pursuit.  His search for secular heaven enriches the generation of his body and soul and transforms him. Maybe the one who is able to get closest to his inner heaven is the artist. His creations enable him to make an analogy with his own existence. He feels himself closer than anyone to the gates of happiness opened as a result of his creativity.
He starts off with the drives, instincts of his existence and the perceptions from his surrounding.
He starts a timeless journey in a timed life. The trust, intuition, curiosity and pleasures he builds up during this life journey feeds and matures him and leads him to the horizons that awaits him.
This journey is a journey of horizon.

Ahmet Özel


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